Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amazon DTP preview on Kindle

If you've written an e-book and uploaded to Amazon's DTP site, you might have noticed that there's no way to download a file to preview on your Kindle before publishing. There is a preview button that shows a simulation, but this isn't good enough in most cases. It is possible to download your converted e-book in AZW format using this trick (this works with Firefox, directions might be slightly different with IE or Safari):
  1. First, go to the Upload & Preview page for the title you're publishing
  2. Right click the “Download HTML” link and copy the link location
  3. Paste the link into another browser window
  4. Replace the “zip” with “azw” in the “file_type” part of the URL, then hit Enter
  5. Firefox will tell you to save a .zip file – go ahead and save it
  6. Rename this file so it has a .azw ending, then copy it to your Kindle
  7. You should now see your title on your Kindle!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it, but this totally works! You're a genius and you really saved me tons of time. Thank you!!! :D

Unknown said...

These instructions only seem to work in Windows. On a Mac, even using Firefox, the OS sees the file as a Zip and not a Unix executable. I assume this is because the MacOS handles files differently. Luckily, I'm running VMWare Fusion and could perform these steps in Windows XP on my Mac. And it worked.

wheatington said...

I can't get back to my dashboard to try to upload.
I sign in a get sent to the support and forums pages.
What I am doing wrong? I see no option to get to the correct page.