Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CellFinder released!

CellFinder has been posted to the Android Market, so if you have a T-Mobile G1, check it out in the Applications/Tools section. The source code is available at the Codetastrophe Google Code project page. There's also some documentation. Some of the new features since the initial post:
  • Improved format for data display at top of screen
  • Friendler direction/distance display with configurable units
  • Configurable location refresh time
  • Full-screen map option ("Show cell" data in the Settings menu)
  • A few bug fixes
There are a few features I'm planning on adding in the near future:
  • Auto update notification
  • Keep database of cell tower locations and display those on the map
  • GPS satellite locations (see this post)
  • Signal strength is some unit other than "asu"
  • Redirect user to settings page if GPS or Network location service is disabled
  • Help page to show full documentation for all features
So anyways, I was pretty surprised how fast CellFinder showed up on the Marketplace and how soon people starting e-mailing me. I got a lot of positive comments and a few negative ones too. I uploaded it to the Marketplace around 10pm last night, and as of 8:43AM, my stats are:
  • 110 reviews, 4/5 stars
  • 2235 total installs
  • 1823 active installs (81%)


Allen Forrest said...

I love this application!

I am anxiously awaiting the update that will "Keep database of cell tower locations and display those on the map."

I would also love the ability to view and record the network details such as frequency band, GSM vs. Edge vs. WCDMA, etc.

Keep up the good work!


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